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Bengt-Arne Falk

Bengt-Arne Falk wants to illustrate the relationship between the transient time and our cross-border existence. The pictures are often dense still life or fragmentary portraits. Living and dead, people, plants and animals - we are all connected to each other in an ongoing cycle.

Falk has a solid analogue background, but today works primarily digitally. However, he adheres to the photographic tradition through a craft-based approach to the new technology. He is one of the few who print his own pictures. The choice of paper and pigment is done with extreme care. The formats are intimately photographic. The editions small. Usually only 5 copies of each photograph.

Bengt-Arne Falk is represented in the collection of the Moderna Museet, Stockholm. His photographs have been shown at the Moderna Museet, Kulturhuset Stockholm, Hasselblad Center and Fotohuset in Gothenburg, Landskrona Fotofestival and SVTs Kulturnyheterna (Swedish national public TV) and several other contexts. Books by Bengt-Arne Falk include Café-Liv (1979) Fotohandboken (1980) and Polaroid SX-70 (2014).

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