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Bent Rej (1940-2016) was working for the danish tabloid ‘Ekstra Bladet’ in 1965 when he was assigned to chronicle the Scandinavian and German legs of The Rolling Stones’ European tour. He soon became part of the Stones’ entourage and became a close friend of Brian Jones.

Bent Rej’s photographs are glimpses of a magical era where music tested its limits and the new genre of rock was in the throes of its birth.

Bent Rej’s work not only shows us portraits of legendary rock musicians from the 1960’s, it also represents a rare insight into a musical universe littered with personal memories thanks to his intimate friendships with the artist.

Bent Rej

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The Rolling Stones by Bent Rej

Bob Dylan by Bent Rej

Mick Jagger by Bent Rej

Brian Jones by Bent Rej