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Brian Duffy

Brian Duffy, London 1933 - 2010.

After graduating in fashion design, he worked for Vogue where he revolutionized fashion photography. Brian Duffy defined the image of the 60's. Together with David Bailey and Terence Donovan, he documented and contributed to the creation of the so-called Swinging London, a culture of fashion.

Duffy collaborated with David Bowie for many years and they made many projects together, including three LP covers where the most popular is Aladdin Sane, which came out in 1973 and this picture has been called for the Mona Lisa of pop.

Brian Duffy´s work has been shown in several exhibitions, for example the National Portrait Gallery, London and in Tate, Liverpool. Brian Duffy was included in the list of Top 100, the most influential photographers of all time.

"Talking about a creative session is like talking about a boxing match." It happened because there was a little bit of magic in the room that night. I'll say it myself, it's a fucking great cover. " Brian Duffy

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