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Dawid (Björn Dawidsson) is one of the photographers who has successfully focused both on the subject in front of the camera and on photography as the medium. With an intellectual acuity, distinct sensuality and strong sense of form, he creates images in which both established conceptions of genres as well as the relationship between forms of expression are set in motion.

Lust and curiosity are the driving force and the work spans no less than five decades. It is often longer series that are held together by both visual and conceptual characteristics. Vision and photography are the focus and despite their differences, the works form a weave where the earliest and latest works unite - regardless of whether they were created on their own initiative, such as the new series of weapons and flickering television screens, or as assignments for Japanese fashion magazines or car companies.

Dawid has exhibited at leading galleries and institutions in Sweden and internationally since the 1970s, with separate exhibitions in Stockholm, New York, Paris, London and Berlin. He has published a large number of books and catalogs.


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