Martin Bogren Ocean.JPG


Martin Bogren is a Swedish photographer whose work stems from a personal approach and subjective position. His work has been widely exhibited and published in several monographs; Ocean 2008, Lowlands 2011, Tractor Boys 2013 and Italia 2016. His work is reprecented in several collections including Bibliothèque du Nationale - Paris, Oregon Fine Art Museum and at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockhom. Martin is a member of Galerie VU ́ in Paris since 2013.

”Weather the subject or projects are based on a group of teenage boys in the rural landscapes of Bogrens childhood, or a journey taking palce in a country during a certain period in life, Martins work is deeply related to an emotional, reflection and personal approach from an inner world and reflected to the outer.

A perspective and belife grounded in the approach of the world and the ones surrounding us.”

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