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Probing and provocative, the work of Nathalia Edenmont explores popular culture through the medium of photography. Through the juxtaposition of opposing subjects and aesthetics, Edenmont’s work is rife with a characteristic tension as she explores themes including the deceptive nature of cultural norms, conformity, the repression of the individual, and double standards in western society.

With a strong embrace of symbolism, and clear references to historical genres of art, Edenmont’s artful, and frequently beautiful, arrangements can be viewed as a modern expression of traditional iconography.

Born in Yalta, Crimea, 1970, Nathalia Edenmont received her art education at Yalta Art School for Children, Yalta, Crimea, State Art School of Kiev, Kiev, Soviet Union, Simferopol State Art School, Simferopol, Crimea, and Forsberg’s International School of Design, Stockholm, Sweden.

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Nathalia Edenmont

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Enjoy by Nathalia Edenmont

Late Bloom by Nathalia Edenmont

Marilyn by Nathalia Edenmont