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I take holiday selfies. But with a twist… Eric Cung is a Stockholm-based artist who explores in a series of self-portraits the interaction between a place, his alter ego and how that affects him.

Everybody has an imaginary comfort zone – a mental state where we feel safe and secure. It often guides us what we choose to wear, to eat, do or talk about. Eric challenges himself by exploring the boundaries between what he feels is safe and what is uncomfortable – the unknown. In doing so, he continuously strives to expand his universe. He sees it as a pallet on which to try collect new interesting colors to paint his world with – not just see things in black and white, which is unfortunately all too common.

What sets his work apart is its ability to capture a strong surreal feeling and the associations it creates, enabled in large part by his obsession for craftsmanship and determination to execute challenging ideas. People often think his images are composites from stock photos. They are really surprised to learn that he actually travelled to all these locations and has indeed taken the time and effort to make it real. It says a lot about how we perceive our world today, with staged lives and fake news.


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