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Eric Cung presents a strong body of work in the intersection between performance art and photography. He makes a comment on selfie tourism and examines it in a surreal way with a sense of irony: - I take holiday selfies. But with a twist… It is also an exploration of deception, identity and personal integrity in a digital era. What right do we have to our own identity when the face, the first and strongest expression for recognition, is exploited?

Two important influences on his work are American painter Edward Hopper and British graphic designer Storm Thorgesson. At an early age, he recalls viewing Hopper’s “Soir Bleu” with its melancholy, white-faced clown sitting at an outdoor café among a disconnected group of people. That image really stuck with him. He was introduced to Thorgesson when he first saw the album covers designed for Pink Floyd.

Cung´s images are cinematic and has been compared to the American photographer Gregory Crewdson. His pictures are staged but at the same time spontaneous because of the element of chance when shooting on location. There are so many aspects he cannot control like in a studio.

“Selfie-tourism, identity and lies.”


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