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Daniel Isaacs (Pseudonym) studied architecture in Bogotá and did a Masters degree on modernism at the UPC in Catalonia. His time is divided between literature, photography and the history of these two areas. He has worked within the world of historical research into photography and design, going into the origins of photography. Patricio Reigs passion for literature gave rise to the unpublished collection of poetry Las cosas de vivir (That's Life, 2009) and his first novel Un hombre que hacía retratos (2015). He comes from a deeply literary family and is a direct descendant of Jorge Isaacs, author of the first great Latin American novel of manners Maria (1867). In the world of photography, where he works under the name of Patricio Reig, he specialises in alternative processes such as wet collodion, ambrotypre and daguerreotype.

“A man who took portraits”

Patricio Reig

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María espalda by Patricio Reig

En el espejo #001 by Patricio Reig

Impronte #001 by Patricio Reig

En el espejo #002 by Patricio Reig

Silvia #004 by Patricio Reig

Pl 02 by Patricio Reig

P1 03 by Patricio Reig