Remi Rebillard is both fashion photographer and above all an artist devoted exclusively to his personal research since 2009. His work asks us about the estrangement of sensuality and human connectivity through the lens of women. Remi’s photos reveal female sensuality while simultaneously carving a rift of alienation between his models’ bodies and the world they occupy.

Remi came of age in Paris surrounded by artists and actors in an era when nothing was considered impossible. His love of photography was shaped by the transformative experience of assisting French Director Jean Becker and by his childhood admiration of Giacobetti. Other seminal influences for Remi include Sarah Moon, Deborah Turbeville and Javier Vallhonrat

Early in his career, he left Paris’s fashion magazines for the US with his young American wife Cara Leigh. The two were drawn to New York City’s creative vivacity. NYC catalog and magazine assignments became the launchpad for Remi to pursue his passion for photography. Over time, his camerawork distanced itself from the photographic references of his youth, and he began defining a unique photographic language all its own.

Rebillard can be recognized by the special light he uses, the reflection in the water, the wet glass. The distance he creates between his nudes and us is a narrative both solemn and elegant, and also unconventional. It’s told in a visual density that he loves, foregoing bright light for rich saturation. Remi’s use of light and hues express the depth of beauty that can be revealed in states of sadness and emotional decay.

His work dares to dwell in broken, stark and dirty places to draw out the story of a naked soul seemingly stumbled upon. He examines the dichotomy of his subjects' sensuality and dejection, and from that examination he creates a narrative colored by his own intimate experience with life and society's heartbreaks.

If creativity comes from an acute sense for finding beauty in places overlooked, Remi exemplifies a true artist's daring to explore humanity in stark expanses of nature and luckless wastelands. His bold photographic encounters with female dwellers of such spaces invests him with a deep palette of stories to tell. Personal analysis and expression of the world around him enriches his camera eye, asking us to look upon the perplexing co-existence of female sensuality and estrangement that may be the future of our social fabric.

Remi Rebillard

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