David Bowie London 1970;

Rolf Adlercreutz

ROLF ADLERCREUTZ was born in 1945. He is educated at Christer Strömholms Fotoskolan 1962-64. Working in London as a freelance for Swedish press 1967-71. Photographer and CEO of the Photographers SALT (Sjöberg, Adlercreutz, Löfgren & Tunbjörk) 1979-83 since Stockholm's newspaper agency SALT 1983-84. Own business since 1984. Recurring project positions on the magazine We 1989-1999.

Awards: Honorary Award in the Year's Photo 1984 as the Press Release of the Year. The magazine Vi's illustrator's prize 1990 (shared with Claes Löfgren). Winner of the Union Pressress Journalist Award for Best Picture Reports 1999.

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