Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is one of the best creators. In an inspiring and unique way, he succeeds in taking pictures of both the aesthetic expressions of art and the documentary qualities of journalism. His goal is primarily to tell a story about the people he photographs and to witness their living conditions. He is driven by a curiosity and astonishment for what the world has to offer. With an incredible ability with both linguistic and cultural boundaries, he captures amazing stories of human experience.

Steve McCurry has watched many international conflicts. His career began when he crossed the Pakistani border to Afghanistan's conflict-harassed 1979. Disguised as one of the locals and with the films rolled in his clothes, he became the first photographer to witness the war in the country. For the report from Afghanistan, he won his first prize in 1980 (followed by many). The award was The Robert Capa Medal for best photo portraits abroad. / National Geographic.

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