John Lennon FOREVER


Picture this: It’s 1974. Two men are standing on a New York City rooftop, one taking a picture of the other as he changes glasses and makes different expressions every few seconds. It’s an evening between two friends, except these two friends are John Lennon and rock photographer Bob Gruen.

”He just sat there making faces at me for about 12 rolls of film, all different expressions with all different eye glasses on,” said Gruen. “Each roll of film was a whole new set of expressions.” Towards the end of the twelfth roll of film, Lennon put on all six pairs of glasses at once. That image became the back of the Walls and Bridges.

Another one, with one pair of glasses turned into a USA Forever stamp 2018. And of course , a fine art print, that will make your home or office a much more fun place!

Talk about one produktive photoshoot!